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Installing PiHole


This guide assumes you have previously installed Proxmox on a host machine.

Preparing the template

First open a shell in Proxmox.

Once the shell is open run:

pveam update

This updates all of the container templates in Proxmox. Next Click

local (pve) > CT Templates > Templates

This will bring up a template menu from which we can select a container.

When the templates window opens up, select ubuntu-22.04-standard then click download.

Once the template is downloaded you can close the download window. Then you should notice the new template you downloaded on the CT Templates page.

Installing the container

First Click Create CT

In the window that pops up fill out some information in the General Tab:

  1. Enter an ID number for the Proxmox container. I chose 101
  2. Give the container a name such as piHole
  3. Give the container a secure password and repeat it.

In the Template tab select the template you wish to use from the dropdown:

On the Disks tab, select 4GB. You can use a little as 2GB but the Pi-Hole documentation recommends 4.

On the CPU tab select 1 Core.

On the Memory Tab, select 512 RAM as recommended in the Pi-Hole documentation.

In the Network Tab, select DCHP for IPv4. Selecting this will allow the router to pick piHole’s IP address instead of manually assigning it. Keep the other settings the same.

On the DNS Tab, keep all default settings. Next, on the Confirm Tab, select Finish

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