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Installing PiHole

Introduction This guide assumes you have previously installed Proxmox on a host machine. Preparing the template First open a shell in Proxmox. Once the shell is open run: pveam update This updates all of the container templates in Proxmox. Next Click local (pve) > CT Templates > Templates This will bring up a template menu from which we can select a container. When the templates window opens up, select ubuntu-22.04-standard then click download. Once the template is downloaded you can close the download window. Then you should notice the new template you downloaded on the CT Templates page. Installing the… Read More »Installing PiHole

Proxmox Installation

We will be installing Proxmox VE onto my old 2011 Macbook Pro to create a base of operations for the homelab. From there we can install Ubuntu Server as a VM in the Proxmox environment. Config: Hostname: pve.tower.homeIP Address: michael.busbee@protonmail.comTimezone: America/New York All other settings were left at default First connection Now to log in I need to go to in my browser to see the web application interface. User name: rootPassword: ******** And it works! I am able to see the Proxmox Admin panel from my other computer. Getting updates Now according to our guide Proxmox… Read More »Proxmox Installation